Electrical Engineering


Electrical Infrastructure Services

  • 133kV, 88kV, 33kV, 22kV and 11kV sub-station
  • HV and MV protection
  • LV reticulation
  • Area and street lighting
  • Comprehensive Electrical System Design
  • Onsite Power Generation Requirements and Distribution
  • Critical Power Systems
  • Integration of IT and AV Into Overall Building Design
  • Device Coordination and Arc Fault Services

Electrical Reticulation

  • High stability electrical reticulation systems.
  • The design, planning, construction and maintenance of municipal distribution networks, including medium voltage, low voltage, street lighting and service connection reticulation.
  • The above includes low cost and informal settlement housing schemes, commercial and industrial reticulation, etc.

Backup Power

  • UPS and backup diesel generator systems designed to achieve optimum no-break power supplies to computer and communications equipment as well as full standby supplies to hotels, casinos, shopping centres, manufacturing facilities and mission critical banking services.
  • Rotary UPS Solutions.

Alternative Sources of Power Generation

  • Gas
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Tri-Generation

Lightning, Surge Protection & Earthing

  • Lightning/surge protection and earthing systems employing solid state technology designed specifically for high speed IT networks and power stability.

Specialist Lighting Design

  • Optimised lighting solutions using computer models for a wide range of environments.
  • Specific solutions to minimise eye strain and maximise comfort levels in the office environments.
  • Dimming and sensor related lighting systems.
  • Energy saving lighting design.
  • Theatrical effects for recreation and entertainment facilities.
  • Emergency Lighting.
  • Light fixture schedules.
  • Light fixture zoning.
  • Lighting calculations.
  • Control schedules and riser diagrams.
  • Specifications.
  • Support in development of daylight strategy.
  • Client standard specification.
  • Maintenance and operational instructions for lighting systems.
  • Selecting appropriate light fixtures in conjunction with architects / interior designers for project considering cost, performance and aesthetics.
  • Knowledge of luminaire construction, design, maintenance, efficiency and optical characteristics.
  • Preparation of Energy Code Compliance documentation for the lighting portions of the project.
  • Recognizing physiology of the human visual system and design using our understanding of how it interacts with lighting.
  • Working knowledge of major light fixture manufacturers and industry trends in lighting.
  • Balance aesthetic design, energy design, health, psychological benefits.
  • Understands how lighting integrates with all trades including MEP and architectural design.
  • Responsibility for the lighting control intent and control specifications.
  • Organising and facilitating mock-up installations with the clients.